Chris Noel's Photo Gallery

These are more of my Hollywood Pictures. I know that you'll like them. This picture on the right is from an MGM Publicity Still Shot.

Chris Noel had starring roles in several Films in the '60s. She left her Hollywood career behind and went to Vietnam to support the American Troops. While in Vietnam, she toured, performed songs, and ran her own Armed Forces Radio Show called "A Date With Chris". Her Radio Show was so popular, that the Communist Viet Cong tried to stop her and put a \\$10,000 Price on her Head.

Chris Noel is considered a GI Legend for her years of dedication to Vietnam Veterans, both during and after the war. Today she runs several Vetsville Cease Fire Houses which help homeless Vietnam Vets.

"Soldier in the Rain" w/Jackie Gleason, Tuesday Weld & Steve McQueen

"Honeymoon Hotel" w/ Robert Goulet

Elvis and his Girls.

Elvis "Girl Happy" Poster

"Diary of a Bachelor" movie poster

Dennis Hopper and Chris in "The Glory Stompers" This was one of the original Biker movies made before the famous "Easy Rider" movie.

"Get Yourself a College Girl" Poster. Also starring Nancy Sinatra and Chad Everett

Italian "Girl Happy" Poster

Chris with Lorenzo Lamas in "Detour to Terror"

OJ and Nicole Simpson in "Detour to Terror" What a perfect name!

Chris w/Steve McQueen in "Soldier in the Rain"

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