Chris Noel's Hollywood Photo Gallery

Chris Noel
Hollywood Star

Soldier In The Rain in 1963 with Steve McQueen was her first film, quickly followed a year later by Get Yourself a College Girl, Honeymoon Hotel, and Diary of a Bachelor. Beach Ball in '65 was her BIG Breakthrough to Stardom.

Elvis's Girl Happy in '65 cast her as a pretty sidekick to Shelley Fabares, Wild, Wild Winter in '66 gave her another starring role in a beach-style movie (this time ski slopes replaced surf 'n' sand), and The Glory Stompers in '67 put her opposite Dennis Hopper in a biker epic. Between movies, Chris had guest spots in dozens of popular TV shows, everything from "Bewitched" and "Perry Mason" to "My Three Sons" and several Bob Hope specials.

From the movie "Beach Ball"

Girl Happy Photo w/Elvis

At the Beach

Chris in "Girl Happy"

"The Glory Stompers" w/ Dennis Hopper

"For Singles Only" w/John Saxon